COVID-19 Message Board

  1. On-site Physical Therapy – provided while in full compliance with the CDC Guidelines to prevent transmission of the virus. Our primary goal at all times is the health and safety of our patients and staff. A new set of strict policies and procedures will be applied Prior to, Upon, During and After physical therapy on-site visits and must be followed by anyone attending the practice; staff and patients, no exceptions!
    Covid 19 related questionnaire, masks, gloves, temperature reading, a separate pair of shoes to be used on-site only, frequent sterilization of equipment and treatment tables, are just some of the measures we will be taking. All therapist are donning masks and wear gloves.
    We will be practicing social distancing by limiting the number of patients seen per therapist at any given time and by keeping our waiting room clear. We ask that you do not bring any additional parties to your appointment as we are trying to limit the amount of people coming into the office unless absolutely necessary. Please refer to our published safety guidelines for more detailed information.
  2. Telehealth and E-Visits – For any patient that is in need for physical therapy care and is unable to leave his/her home, most commercial health insurance plans and as of recently, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), have recognized the value of remote healthcare service and agreed to reimburse providers of such services. Guidelines of the application of Telehealth continues to change and develop and we will further update our patients going forward. Telehealth physical therapy benefits will be verified for each patient and plan prior to submission of such service.