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Top Reasons to choose Ergo Physical Therapy Near Me


Physical Therapy Program

Our core service provides patients over 30 years of combined experience and expertise. We are, first and foremost, a physical therapy practice


Ergonomic Work Station Assessment

One of the goals of ergonomics is to design the job site or workstation to fit the individual worker


Education Program

Lectures at Ergo Physical Therapy cover a large spectrum of topics. Our lectures are given in small groups, usually held at our practice and designed for our patients, their relatives and friends


Fitness and Wellness Program

One on one personal training with a fitness and wellness expert. Meet our personal trainers and find out how they can assist you in accomplishing your wellness goals


Schroth Method for Scoliosis

Our Schroth-trained physical therapists can help you 
manage scoliosis, through therapeutic exercises and 
hands-on techniques tailored to your spinal conditions



In light of the recent Covid 19 Pandemic, Telehealth is a necessary service to provide so that you can have physical therapy from the safety of your own home



If you have completed your physical therapy program and would like to continue exercising at Ergo Physical Therapy you can sign up for our gym membership program


Athletic Screening

We have successfully screened hundreds of junior and adult athletes both, professional and amateur over the years


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Our guide for your first visit

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    Preparing for your visit

    Call us. Receive and provide information to our receptionist. Schedule your initial appointment. You have an option to download the intake forms from the Patient's Center on our site. Please fill out the required forms and bring with you or simply fill them out on the day of your visit at the office.

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    On the day of your initial appointment please bring your prescription or referral, health insurance card, photo ID (i.e. driving license) and wear comfortable attire. Arrive to the office preferably 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time and sign in. The front desk receptionist will then collect all necessary documents from you and prepare your file. Although, we make every possible attempt to begin your appointment right on time, prior to your arrival the therapists are preparing themselves to devote as much time as necessary to you during your visit. Therefore, you may experience a short wait time prior to your appointment. This is on the first visit only.

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    Your Session

    You will be escorted to our evaluation room and will be evaluated by one of our doctors of physical therapy, who will become your assigned therapist throughout your physical therapy regimen. Following the evaluation the therapist will conclude and discuss with you their findings, diagnosis, treatment plan, goals, prognosis and time frame. It is very important throughout the process that you feel comfortable asking any questions you may have, and always feel free to provide any additional information to the therapists. We strive to ensure that you are always clear on “what’s going on” during your treatment. Upon completion of the evaluation you will typically receive some treatment and initial instructions for what to do at home.

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    The end of the first visit

    At the end of your visit (60-90 minutes) you will stop by the front desk again and schedule your upcoming appointments for a time most convenient for you.